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      Industry News

      The only "combing equipment product development center" in China is located in jinfeng, zhejiang province

      Congratulations! Zhejiang jinfeng textile machinery co., LTD is selected as the executive director of the textile machinery association of China textile machinery association.


      Zhejiang jin feng textile machinery co., LTD., chairman of step dai zhong, points out that the establishment of the spinning machinery branch is very timely, for our mill product development will play a large role in the future. Several domestic large textile equipment designed enterprise's product cost performance is not over a heterodyne, hoping to set up a branch of supply and demand both sides of the bridge, allow manufacturers to understand and meet the demand of the cotton spinning enterprise, to jointly develop the international market. Jinfeng is also trying to produce cost-effective, labor-saving and efficient products for cotton companies, and we hope that all of you will work together to contribute to the national industry.


      In recent years, zhejiang jin feng attaches great importance to the innovation ability, believe that innovation is the core of enterprise productivity, must have better technology than its competitors, lead to standing in the fierce market competition, thus established the "adhere to technological innovation, leading technology" core strategy of enterprises. At the same time, the development of personnel research and development team is strengthened, not only by the self-cultivation of r&d personnel, but also by the domestic and foreign experts, and the development of the high ground. In addition, the first image endorsement, textile enterprises by celebrities do employ Taiwan magician liu qian for the company's image spokesperson, implementation of brand strategy, innovation practice co-opetition marketing.


      Zhejiang jin feng strives for perfection, the unremitting pursuit, through increased investment in innovation of material base, mode of production, study and deepen, capital investment and intellectual conditions to promote the combination of technical innovation, innovation achievements, successfully developed JZX card - 5 t of sawtooth cylinder, the product development and design the card before and after the sawtooth combination of whole cylinder structure, improve the overall tin Lin Kaisong, puncture and complicated ability; Optimization design the whole cylinder central Angle of the gear tooth surface, needle work Angle, tooth thickness, diameter and density of tooth, and the key parameters, such as positioning to adjust structure, improve carding effect; Through optimized materials, improved heat treatment and other processing techniques, the strength of comb, sawtooth, abrasion resistance and surface accuracy are guaranteed, and the fiber damage is reduced. Product has combed the distance is adjustable, combing ability strong and the carding quality is good, long life and other characteristics, suitable for high speed comber large quantitative process configuration, can adapt to different spinning raw materials of fine, medium, coarse, the requirements of combed yarn. It is used by users and reflects well and has good economic and social benefits.


      At present, our country is from a big textile and textile powers, in the process of into, as combing machine, carding machine of key parts, jin feng company also knew I shoulder the burden of. Zhejiang jin feng will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, deepen the enterprise management, to create "jin feng" brand, promoting the humanized management, expand the international market, to make contribution to the development of industry.

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