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    2. Welcome to Jin Feng Textile Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. official website!

      Company news

      Jinfeng company holds "celebration five" competitive activities

      In order to strengthen the cultural construction of jinfeng, enrich the activities of the staff, and cultivate the team spirit and the coordination ability in the work. With the principle of thrift, active, collaborative and lively, jinfeng organizes employees to conduct a three-day "celebration of five" competitive activities.


      Activities include the group jumping rope race, the relay team and the couple's three projects. More than 256 people took part in the event. Game, the players work hard, not to be outdone, pep talk to each other, out of the style and level, showing the jin feng employees, uplifting the spirit of enterprising spirit.


      This activity to advocate a positive, healthy and harmonious way of life, enrich the spare life of employees, and for the general staff set up a real play to the team cooperation spirit and work coordination platform, further cultivate the team spirit of cooperation, to enhance the general staff's collective sense of honor and sense of competition!


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